Alcohol Ignition Interlock


Our alcohol interlock ignition devices are easy to use. You don't need experience as  we will teach you to use you device and stay with you until you feel comfortable enough to operate the system on your own.


You will pay bi-monthly for your Ignition Interlock System Every two months you'll receive a text from us that will let you know that you're due for service the following week. It takes about 3 minutes to re-calibrate your handheld, so we can get you in and out in minutes!


Lockouts happen whether you missed a sample or you decided to have "a little drink" while on the road and you tested positive for alcohol. Either way. You just need to give us a call and we will be able to give you a code that will allow you to start you vehicle. We are the only ignition interlock provider in Alaska that allows you to drive your vehicle after giving a good sample during a lockout as long as the handheld is brought into the office within 5 days. We are the only company in Alaska that offers this type of interlock lockout service.


Our System

The ALCOLOCK WR3 offers drivers the ability to retain some of their driving privileges while ensuring public safety at the same time. Using the device is simple and easy, and your ALCOLOCK service provider will give you a thorough training and compliance manual so you’re never left in the dark. With state of the art technology and an interface that has the client in mind, the ALCOLOCK WR3 is the perfect combination of science and sensibility.

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