Why You Cannot Trick an Ignition Interlock Device

Drunk driving cases and lethal accidents in your area have always been a point to argue and discuss for your local newspapers or news channels. However, if you have paid some attention, you might have heard the terms being mentioned as an ignition interlock installation. It is a system that measures your BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration when you provide a breath sample.

The device is designed in a way that prevents your car from starting the engine if you fail the test of your car breathalyzer. So, if the device finds alcohol more than the limit law enforcement has declared, the car engine would not start and you can not drink and drive.

Although news articles have mentioned it several times that how an alcohol detection system can save lives of a driver, passengers, and pedestrians, many people are under the false impression of defeating it. Especially teenagers, who think that it is easy to bypass the interlock device are not right with the thought.

Over the past few years, technology advancement has come with some refined ideas and new features for the interlock system. So avoid to try any of the following things to fool your car breathalyzer:

Starting the car sober and then drinking in the road

This seems really easy to perform but it is not. The alcohol detection system has a feature named “rolling retest” which asks you to provide your breath samples while you are driving. So, you would need to blow a few times on a regular interval after you start driving and while you are on the road.

If it detects the alcohol, the system might ask you to stop the car, the light might flash and the horn might honk as well. The device notifies you to find a safe spot and stop your vehicle.

Taking help of your friend to blow or using a balloon

Many individuals try to trick the device with a friend’s help. The car might get started too but what to do when ‘rolling retest’ appears? Plus, the advanced interlock ignition devices feature a camera that records the face and sends data to the authorities. Can you see the trouble coming?

Another such idea of blowing a balloon air with someone else’s breath is also a bad idea. You can not keep sober breath samples and use it to car breathalyzer when you are drunk. The alcohol detection system is smart and might ask you to ‘hum’ or inhale to prove it. So you better be aware of that and drop the idea before getting drunk.

Along with the points mentioned above, removal of the interlock system by yourself is also not acceptable. First thing, removing device needs some specialization and can be done by an experienced technician only. Second thing, the data registers the attempt of removal or the removal. It is better to consult experts of a reputed service provider such as Adsofalaska.com for ignition interlock device installation and removal.