What Happens If You Fail Your Ignition Interlock Breath Test?

Prevention of alcohol and drug-related accidents should be a primary priority of any governing body. Millions of people have lost their lives due to road accidents caused by alcohol and it needs to be stopped. According to a research report, it has been stated that 50-60% of accidents have happened just because of the drinking and driving. There are laws for it, but people still drive while drunk and it is a concern that requires thorough attention. There are many devices available in the market to ensure that no casualties and accidents occur in such scenarios.

Once you receive a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, Your chances to get jail punishment increase or you need to pay high fees and maybe you lose your drivers license. If you want to make your life easier you may want to contact ignition interlock service providers in your area. An ignition interlock is a device which prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver is under the alcohol influence higher than normal levels.

After installing an interlock device, you might be worried about what can happen if you fail the breath test, do not worry because fails mostly depend on a couple of things. Mainly two reasons behind fails are:

Why You Fail Ignition Interlock Device Test?

You can fail an ignition interlock device breath test for one of the several reasons. It might be that you used an alcohol-based mouthwash, or it might also be that you were drinking the night before, and there is some residual alcohol in your blood system.

When You Fail Ignition Interlock Device Test?

There are two different times you will take a test on an ignition interlock;

  • The Initial Test: Performed when you start the car. If you fail the initial test, your vehicle will not start. You must wait a pre-decided time which is called the lockout period. Of course, if you were drinking prior to your initial test, you should not drive. Wait until you are fully sober.
  • The Second Test is Rolling Re-Test: Which is done a few minutes after you begin driving. If you fail while driving, you are required to pull over and shut off the ignition. In case if you fail this time that you need to take IID to a service center to have it reset because it has gone into early service recall mode.

Overall, nothing will be happening in case you fail in both the tests. It will only keep you off the road. If you have concerns about your ignition interlock device, it is better to visit Adsofalaska for proper guidance and IID services.

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